A Thunder Orchestra ( Dirk Desaever )

■ 現在、あなたが住んでいる場所と、そこでどのように暮らしているか教えてください。


■ The place where you live now and how you spend time there.
It’s been more than 30 years since I made electronic music.
I’ve become a common and invisible citizen now, living in a regular house in a rural area.
I study the classical guitar and I spend most of my days working as a librarian in a university, college and taking care of my family.


■ 音楽活動をはじめたキッカケを教えてください。

リハーサルの休憩中に、いつもスタジオにセットされていたアナログシンセサイザー(Korg MS10)で実験していたんだけど、そっちの方が自分はうまく演奏できたのと、僕がリハーサルスペースを持っていたから、メンバーが僕をバンドに留めてくれて、シンセサイザーに切り替えさせてくれた。その後すぐに父が銀行に行ってシンセサイザーやドラムマシーン、音楽ソフトウェアを僕に買い与えてくれるためにローンを組んでくれたんだ。

■ The opportunity that you start doing music. 

Music has always been an important part of my life.
At the age of 16 I started playing the drums in a cover band but I was not very good at it.
At rehearsals, during pause time, I always experimented with an analog synthesizer (Korg MS10) which was setup there.
I was much better at that and because I owned the rehearsal space they kept me in the band and let me switch to synthesizer. My father immediately went to the bank for a loan and bought me a synth, a drum machine, a computer and music software.


■ その当時の機材はまだ持っていますか?


■ Do you still have your synthesizer at that time? 

I sold all my equipment when I stopped playing music, around the age of 22 or 23.


■ あなたのお父様が音楽活動に重要だったのではないか、とお答えから拝察しますが、彼があなたの音楽に影響を与えたのでしょうか?

父は経済的に僕を援助してくれたけど、音楽的な影響は特になかったと思う。( 仮にそうだったとしても、そのことに気付いてはいなかったかな。)

■ Your father is really important for your music, we can see that from your answer.
Did your father influence your music in some way?

My father did support me but he didn’t have any influence on my music (not that I am aware of anyway)


■ あなたの当時の音楽活動に関する情報が少なく、どのような活動をされていたか教えて頂けますでしょうか。

アンビエントからニューウェーブ、インダストリルまで幅広く、いくつかの音楽スタイルを実験し始めたんだ。Danton’s Voice、White House White、 A Thunder Orchestraや、Ratbauといった、いくつかの名義でリリースを出していたよ。

■ Because of the lack of information about you, could you tell me the opportunity that you start doing music or what kind of music activities you did. 

I started experimenting with different styles of music, varying from ambient to electronic wave and industrial music and releasing them under several names:
Danton’s Voice, White House White, A Thunder Orchestra and Ratbau.


■ 影響を与えられたアーティストや友人、コミュニティがいれば、その人たちとの出会いを教えてください。

レーベルから作品を出してもらうのは非常に難しかったこともあって、レコード会社が自分たちを見つけてくれるのを待つ代わりに、僕たち自身の音楽をリリースするためにClimax Productionというレーベルを始めたんだ。

■ If you have some other artists or friends or community which influence your 
music, please tell us the process of how you met them.

I used to have a lot of connections in the alternative music scene and I knew a lot of musicians at the time.Some personal friends started playing music as well.So you could indeed call it a small community.
It was not easy to convince record labels to release experimental music.
That’s why I started my own record label, Climax productions in order to release our music myself instead of waiting for the record companies to find us somehow.


■ あなたに影響を与えた音楽シーンにとても興味があります。彼らとの出会いを教えて頂けますか?

面白いのは、今になってカセットシーンが僕のホームタウンでもあるホーボーケン (
 Hoboken )という小さな郊外の町から語られていることだ。まさに今、 カセットシーンに関するドキュメンタリーが撮影されているよ。素晴らしいことにね。
The Neon Judgement(1), The Klinik(2), Absolute Body Control(3)Somnambullist(4)といった、その地域出身のバンドやアーティストはとでも尊敬していたし、今でも尊敬し続けているくらいだ。

■ We have a strong interest in the music scene that influenced your music at that time in more detail. Could you tell me your experience with them? 

The funny thing is that people are now talking about a cassette scene from my hometown which is a small suburb called "Hoboken". They are now even shooting a whole documentary about it, which is great I think.
The bands and artists from my region who I really looked up to (and even up till now) are:
The Neon Judgement, The Klinik, Absolute Body Control and Somnambullist.

(1) The Neon Judgement - Chinese Black

(2) The Klinik - Someone Somewhere

(3) Absolute Body Control - Is There an Exit?

(4) Somnambulist - Facing The Moon

■ あなた自身のレーベル、Climax Productionにも興味があります。もう少し具体的に教えてもらえますでしょうか。

Climax Productionは、1人で活動していたこともあってとても小さいレーベルだったんだ。
White House Whiteのマキシシングル
A Thunder OrchestraVidna Obmana7インチ

■ We also have interest in your label, Climax Records. Could tell me more detail about your own label?

It was a very small label (a one man show to be honest) which released:
• 2 compilation albums on LP
• A maxi EP by White House White
• A 7” by A Thunder Orchestra and Vidna Obmana
• A compilation cassette

Most of the music I released on Climax belonged to myself or musically gifted friends.

■ あなたに影響を与えたアーティストTOP10を教えてください。

ベルギーのアーティストについては既に述べたけど、その他だとSkinny Puppy、Laibach、Severed Heads、Carlos Perron、Chris & Cosey、Dieform、Cabaret Voltaire、Test Department、Kissing The Pink、Blancmange、The Virgin PrunesやThe Griefの音楽もとても好きだった。彼らは僕の音楽に多大なる影響を与えたと言ってもいい。

■ Please tell us your top 10 music that influenced your music.

I’ve mentioned a few Belgian bands already but I also loved the music by Skinny Puppy, Laibach, Severed Heads, Carlos Perron, Chris & Cosey, Dieform, Cabaret Voltaire, Test Department, Kissing The Pink, Blancmange, The Virgin Prunes and The Grief. They might have had a big influence on my music.


■ 日本の音楽で興味のあるものはありますか?

もっと広まると良いけどね。坂本龍一やYMO、Logic Systemは常にお気に入りだったね。

■ Do you have any favorite Japanese music?

I am sorry but generally spoken I don’t think that the Japanese bands and artists are that well known in Europe yet.
I hope that will change for the better soon. I was always fond of the music by Ryuichi Sakamoto, YMO and Logic System.


■ 坂本龍一の中でどれがお気に入りの曲でしょうか?

彼の最近の曲は知らないけど、Father Christmas(5)はいまだに驚くべき音楽だね。

■ What is your favorite song of Ryuichi Sakamoto?

I don’t know his recent work but the song ‘Father Christmas’(5) still amazes me, it literally takes my breath away. 

(5) Ryuichi Sakamoto - Father Christmas

■ “Energy is Eternal Delight”では、Siegmar Frickeとの共同作品だったかと思いますが、この作品の制作背景やプロセスを教えてください。

それまでSiegmar Frickeとはコンタクトをとったこともなかったし、彼の音楽も知らなかった。思い返せばカセットに僕たちの曲を同時に載せるのはすごく素晴らしいアイデアだったと思う。両者の音楽は、お互いに作用する内容でもあるしね。

■ The ”Energy is Eternal Delight” was the co-releasing with Siegmar Fricke. Could you tell me the process of co-releasing with him and the approach of making music for this album at that time.

The idea of the co-release came from the label itself.
I never had any previous contact with Siegmar Fricke and I didn’t know his music before the release.
Looking back at it I think it was an excellent choice to put our music together on cassette since our music is quite compatible.


■ まだ音楽活動は続けていますか?リリース以降の30年間における変化を教えていただけますでしょうか。


■ Are you still doing music? We would like to know the process of your lifestyle change among this 30 years as far as possible.

I don’t play synthesizer anymore.
These days I try to master the classical guitar, again in various styles: barok, renaissance, tango.  


■ クラシックギター!まさかの答えでした。何か始めたキッカケがあるのでしょうか?

僕はここ数年で多くの素晴らしい作品を見つけ、そして、それらお気に入りの音楽を演奏することが、論理的に考えられる僕にとっての次の段階なんだ。だから、今はより難しいギターの曲をどうにか演奏できるようになることに夢中だよ。最終目標は、J.S.Bachの曲を少なくとも一曲、あと、Agustin Barriosによる傑作"La Cathedral"(6)をマスターすることだ。

■ The classic guitar!! Your answer is so surprising. Have there been any particular opportunities to start classical guitar?

I think that most people (except for youngsters that are born with an old soul)
I need to age to learn how to appreciate classical music. I’ve discovered many fantastic pieces during the past years.
And playing my favorite music is a logical next step to me. So now, I am very eager to manage the more difficult guitar pieces.
My ultimate goal is to master at least one song by J.S.Bach and the masterpiece ‘La Cathedral’ by Agustin Barrios(6).

(6) Agustin Barrios - La Catedral

■ 現在、興味のある音楽シーンはありますか?


■ Are there any music scenes you are currently interested in?

I love to listen to hiphop, urban, rock and punkrock.



Alex Turnerがプロデュースした曲はほとんど好きだな。
特に、The Last Shadow Puppets”Aviation”(7)は僕の人生のフェイバリットだね。
あと、Pearl Jam"Alive"(8)や、Joy Division"Atmosphere"(9)(これは人生で初めて買ったシングル)、Bauhaus"The Passion of Lovers"(10)はいつ聴いても鳥肌が立つね。

だけど最近はRae Srummerd, Yungblud, Future, Billy Talent, Day Wave, The Decemberists, Editors, Silversun Pickups, Nothing But Thieves, Noel& Liam Gallagherとかも好きだね。

■ That answer is also surprising. Do you have any favorite song related above?

I like almost every sound that Alex Turner produces.
Especially The song ‘Aviation’ by ‘The Last Shadow Puppets’(7) is one my all-time favorites.
And I always get goosebumps listening to any of these tracks: ‘Alive' by ‘Pearl Jam’(8), ‘Atmosphere’ by ‘Joy Division’(9) and (the first single I ever bought:) ‘The Passion of Lovers’ by ‘Bauhaus’(10).
But these days I also love to listen to: Rae Srummerd, Yungblud, Future, Billy Talent, Day Wave, The Decemberists,
Editors, Silversun Pickups, Nothing But Thieves, Noel& Liam Gallagher and so much more.

(7) The Last Shadow Puppets - Aviation

(8) Pearl Jam - Alive

(9) Joy Division - Atmosphere

(10) BAUHAUS - The Passion of Lovers

■ 最初、あなたからFacebookでお返事をもらったとき、30年の時を経て日本であなたの音楽が聞かれていることに対するメッセージがとても嬉しく、リリースまでの励みになりました。最後に、この作品がリリースされるに当たって想いがあれば教えてください。


■ When we first got your reply on Facebook, we were very cheered with your message that your music is being listened to in Japan even after 30 years have passed. Finally, please let us know if you have any thoughts on the re-release of your work.

Every artist wants his work to be noticed and heard by other people.
I find it unbelievable that my music has survived more than 30 years and is still reaching people all over the world. 
It’s something I am very proud of. I’ve somehow made my mark (even if it’s a small one;-)


2020. Sep.
by Yoshiaki Miura and Yusei Yamamoto
from Calax Records in Tokyo, Japan

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